Propellers for Sukhoi and Yakovlev


Exceptional opportunity to purchase a new and never used V-530 propeller which has just had a full check at the Shakti  factory in Russia with all new seals and gaskets. Euro 8,500

Historically all Russian light aircraft (Yak plus Sukhoi) used the V-530 2-blade propeller. Owners today have, however, the opportunity to use significantly superior 3-blade propellers, principally from MT in Germany .

Important points are: –

  • The V-530 was manufactured by Speriott, who are based at Stupino near Moscow. Unfortunately they have reacted to falling demands for new propellers by increasing prices to compensate. This had led to the new ex-factory price being Euro 10,000 and at that level, those in the market for a new propeller will almost certainly choose a ‘new technology’ 3-blade propeller from the West. Today production has effectively stopped.
  • For the time being there are however reasonable numbers of overhauled propellers available, but the real problem is a lack of blades. Speriott have ceased production, so clearly no new blades will be coming from Russia.
  • There is obviously the possibility to manufacture new blades for the V-530 in the West. MT Propeller say they cannot, on the basis that the V-530 blade roots require huge pressure to compress the wood into the ferule, which their existing equipment is not able to do. (The real reason is probably that MT Propeller are trying to sell their new propellers rather than keep V-530 propellers going!).
  • Whirlwind in the USA and GT Propellers in Italy have already produced new blades for the V-530. GT Propellers is going through a Certification process, which, at the time of writing, is not yet completed. The Whirlwind blades are sold into the US ‘Experimental’ market and therefore do not require Certification. Finally, Carl Hays, again in the USA , is developing new blades and again at the time of writing, these are beginning to be manufactured. Of course there is the same problem of a lack of European Certification in these markets.
  • It is our view that despite the extra cost, more and more Yak and Sukhoi owners will go over to 3-blade propellers, because of the significantly increased performance available; greater smoothness, and other advantages as outlined in our specific papers on these propellers.
  • For those wanting 3-blade propellers, there really are only two options – Hoffman and MT Propellers. Clearly we, as MT Agents are biased, but the simple fact is that, virtually without exception, all aircraft at World Aerobatic Championship level for the last 20 years have only used MT propellers. Given the loads imposed by unlimited level aerobatics, this speaks a great deal for the strength, integrity and of course the performance of MT propellers.

Zero-timed V-530 propellers from Aerometal

We have been offering factory zero-timed V530 propellers, rebuilt to a very high standard in Lithuania; Cadmium plating to metal parts and blades finished in western epoxy paint. Our current price for this is Euro 7,400. We offer propellers in exchange – ie we take your old propeller providing there is nothing significantly wrong, or it is out of hours/calendar time and replace it with a zero-timed propeller as above. Cost is Euro 4,750 or we can overhaul your prop for the same price.

Historically, our engine partner Aerometal used to overhaul all propellers for Russian light aircraft, including helicopter rotor blades. We are now restarting this business, and will be able to overhaul the Russian V-530 two-blade propellers, as well as provide the various components of these propellers. We are confident that this work and capability will begin during 2018. All the licences and paperwork are already in place, as are the specialised equipment that is needed.


In any case, we are main agents for MT-Propeller, and can provide any of the new propellers that they manufacture, as well as overhauling used propellers. Please contact us for quotations. For further information on MT-Propellers, please see our MT-Propeller page.

Russian MTV-9 propellers

It is worth mentioning Russian MTV-9 propellers. MT, some 10 years ago, gave a licence to Speriott (above) to produce the MTV-9-250-27 propeller.

Speriott however failed to declare a large proportion of their production to avoid paying royalties and in consequence MT instituted litigation against Speriott and, for western owners more importantly, they refuse, in any way, to support these propellers. So be warned if you have such a propeller MT will do everything it can do to ensure that these propellers cannot be overhauled in the west.

It is also worth pointing out that they are restricted to the older blade profile of -27.