Parts List 2022

Increasingly, our business today is supporting the AI 14, HS-6 and M 14 families of engines with a complete range of parts that our customers might need. This goes from complete engines, zero-timed after total overhauls to supplying all ancillaries and individual parts for these engines. This can either be done on the basis of an outright sale; or sending out a zero-timed part and waiting for the customer to return their old part, or overhauling a customer’s ancillary/component item on their behalf.

Importantly we are now either overhauling or manufacturing many new components to replace traditional sources from which parts are no longer available.

Below you will see a link to our current price list, showing the extremely large range of parts that we can offer.

Typically, all overhauled components will be given a Certificate of Release to Service – which is all that can be required in Europe. With every component/ancillary that requires gaskets or extra fitting parts for installation, these are always included.

NB: “core exchange” prices are those we offer for an old component/ancillary that is worm, but complete and not damaged. Prices in Euros unless otherwise stated.

View our price list here