Vedeneyev – history

Vedeneyev, established by Ivan Vedeneyev, is one of the smaller Design Bureaux of the former Soviet Union and is based at Veronezh.

The Bureau’s staple product has been the M14 family of aircraft engines, which was in fact originally designed by Alexander Ivchenko, at his factory at Zaparozhye in the Ukraine. His first well-known engine was the AI14, itself the basis of the current Vedeneyev M14 engine.

The AI14 was originally produced in the late 1950s as a 260hp and it was from this basis that Vedeneyev developed the M14P as Ivchenko moved into a range of turbo-fans and turbo-prop engines.

Vedeneyev’s first engine was the AI14-RF, producing 300hp, and this in turn led to the M14P, which has become the most numerous variant. This in turn has led to helicopter variants, (the M14V), as well as more powerful versions including the latest M14PF engine producing 400hp, originally designed for the Sukhoi SU-31, but now being used for a variety of upgrades for other aircraft originally equipped with the M14P engine. We funded the development of the 450hp M14R engine, of whichi 6 were made before the collapse of the company.

In addition Vedeneyev have produced a variety of experimental engines – including horizontally opposed and in ‘X’ formation. As it happens the Bureau’s largest product is of precision gearboxes for aerospace use, of which they are the leaders in Russia.

It seems that all activity at Vedeneyev has now stopped.