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M14V engines

We recently negotiated a very interesting deal in the Ukraine and have bought 20 used M14V engines, which are technically identical to the M14P but have a different gearbox at the front. We wanted about 10 of these engines to use as spare parts, but in order to ship them out of Ukraine we had to buy a 40 foot container, so it made sense to fill it with 20 engines. We have since sold 8 of these engines, 6 for spares and 2 as decorations. We’re happy to sell a further 2 engines at €2,950 each plus shipping, so please email us at richard.goode@russianaeros.com if you are interested! We can arrange all shipping.

Our current pricing for engines is as follows:

  • Factory zero-timed AI-14R/RA engines, zero-timed HS-6 engines and zero-timed M14P (guaranteed 385hp) € 38,500.
  • Factory zero-timed M14PF (guaranteed 425hp) € 42,500.
  • Factory new M14P and M14PF. The last year of serial engine production was 1994, but we are occasionally able to buy “new but old-stock” engines that are still in their original manufacturers packing crate. In such cases we completely dismantle the engine; check everything; reassemble with new gaskets and then our normal dynamometer test run.
  • Factory new M14R and M9F engines € 50,000  (but we have not had any for several years).
  • Engine overhaul € 33,000, but please contact us to discuss details

Please note that our guaranteed horsepower figures are due to improved assembly and higher supercharger clearances. The figures are from the calibrated Aerometal dynonometer on which every engine is tested for a minimum of three hours.

Each engine is fully complete, from mounting ring forward, but excluding exhaust and sparking plugs (unless fitted with the plug conversion kit). However all normal ancillaries are included and fully overhauled, even including the engine mounting ring.

Unless requested we typically do not include generators since most of our customers change to light weight alternators. However, we can include them if needed.

These prices are FCA Aerometal at Sóskút in Hungary, and do not include European Sales Tax where relevant. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Each engine is fully conserved for long-term storage; sold with a wooden packing case.

Further information & background on the M14 family of engines and options available.


We warranty all the engines that we sell on the following basis: All our products, whether complete engines; ancillaries or individual parts are warranted for 12 months or 100 flying hours, whichever comes first, from the date of installation. The installation of the item must occur within five years of delivery. Importantly, the customer must have requested long-term conservation for an engine for it to be guaranteed for this five year period. The warranty will not be valid if the engine/component has clearly been misused – for example through overheating. The warranty applies to the original purchaser of the engine and is not transferable without our formal agreement. We will, however, consider problems that occur outside these formal warranty periods. The warranty is restricted to replacement of the failed component, assembly or subassembly, or even engine if relevant, but not for any costs of actual replacement or any consequential losses – (i.e. cost of hiring other aircraft etc.).

We would point out that, even if properly preserved, as our engines are, there is a potential problem of the gaskets and seals drying out over a period of years. In consequence, if an engine is not installed until 4/5 years after delivery, there is a possibility of minor oil leaks, which are not covered in the guarantee.