SUKHOI SU-31  & SU-31M

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Sukhoi Su-31

The Sukhoi Su-31 is the latest single seater from Sukhoi.  It has the highest performance of any piston engined aircraft made, and with the Su-26, has dominated international aerobatic competitions.

Although the Su-31 is physically similar to the Su-26, it is actually really quite different.  The main difference being that the entire fuselage, ie everything behind the cockpit, is composite rather than tubular steel.  This reduces the weight by some 10kgs, which is significant in an aircraft of this sort.  Other differences are:

  1. A bay behind the pilot

  2.  A separate compartment in front of the pilot, above the fuselage fuel tanks.

  3. In a separate bay in front of the instrument panel, where a specially designed ‘suitcase’ can be quickly installed and then carried away from the aircraft.

The Su-31 has continued the extraordinary competition track record of the Su-26, winning successive World and European championships in both men’s and women’s categories as well as successive Breitling Championships.

Production of the Su-31 stopped in 2005.


Sukhoi Su-31M

A major advance by Sukhoi has been the installation of the Zvesda Pilot Extraction System, which is a remarkable system and the latest version adds only 12kgs to the total weight of an aircraft, yet provides the ability for the pilot to be totally free of an aircraft in difficulty in ¼ of a second. This is only available during manufacture of the Su-31 and costs an additional Euro 15,000.  We can provide full technical details of the system.

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