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The Sukhoi Su-29 is a two seat aircraft, which, when flown solo, has the capability of winning a World Championship, yet also being suitable for aerobatic training, and even touring, having a range of up to 1,400kms!

By virtue of having a composite fuselage, the Su-29 only weighs some 40kg more than the Su-26, and when flown solo, the performance is virtually identical, although it is somewhat heavier on the controls.

The aim in the design of the Su-29 was to have an aircraft that had the aerobatic capability when flown solo of the SU-26/SU-31 while having a second seat thus dramatically increasing the usefulness of the aircraft.

Inevitably, the greater weight and size of the aircraft makes it a little less agile than the single seaters, but two-seat Su-29 have been competing with great success at a huge variety of aerobatic competitions even up to World Championship level.

Mechanically, the Su-29 is similar to all the other Sukhois, with a high tensile stainless-steel forward fuselage, while the rear fuselage, tail and the entire wing structure is composite.  Again, it shares the single seaters extraordinary strength the aircraft is cleared for    +12/-10G at maximum aerobatic weight and with five wings having been deliberately broken in tests, the minimum that one has failed at has been at 23.5G!

The Su-29 is in full production and approximately 64 aircraft have been made to date.  Sales have been made to most countries in the West, but also to South Africa, Australia; Brazil; Indonesia; the Middle East; Mexico and as well as eight aircraft for the Argentine Airforce.


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