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Sukhoi Su-26

  The Su-26 is still considered by many to be the world’s best aerobatic aeroplane, despite being officially superseded by the new Su-31.  The reasons for this are:

  • The standard Su-26 only has 65-litre fuselage tank and no wing tanks.  This is a disadvantage given the short range without the detachable belly-tank, bit since almost all Su-31s are built with quite heavy wing tanks; an Su-26 without wing tanks is somewhat lighter than an Su-31 with wing tanks.

  • The Su-31 is somewhat more unstable and therefore more suitable for ‘freestyle’ flying.  Conversely, the Su-26 is slightly more stable and therefore more suitable for precision ‘Aresti’ type flying.

  • It is worth noting that the Russian Aerobatic Team have obtained three modified Su-26s (called Su-26M3), which have dominated all recent World and European Championships.  These are effectively Su-26 aircraft, but with the new M9F 430-hp engine; slightly longer Su-29 wings, and the Zvesda pilot extraction system.

We continue to sell more Su-26 aircraft than any other and these are, of course today, all used aircraft, but increasingly we are totally updating them with a variety of modifications, which include:

  • Lightening the aircraft, particularly with lightweight electrical systems.

  •  More powerful engine - the 400-hp M14PF, or the 430-hp M9F/450-hp M14R (when available!)

  • Larger propeller – we have organised the production of a new wide-chord 260cm propeller, working with MT Propeller in Germany.

  • Revised fuel system.

  • Long range wing tanks.

  • Addition of trimmer and controllable oil cooler.

  • A wide range of other ‘tailored’ modifications.

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