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individual Sukhoi aircraft for sale

A lovely Sukhoi SU-29

PH-KAH Sukhoi Su-29

A lovely Sukhoi SU29, and one of a small number accepted by EASA to be registered and fly in Europe.

Serial number 78 – 02 and current Dutch registration PH-KAH. We have previously sold this aircraft twice, and know it well. Total time since new 1034 hours; lifetime extension performed 16/05/18, so good until 2024. Subsequent to this, the lifetime extension can be repeated indefinitely, each time giving another 6 years, or 600 hours.

PH-KAH Sukhoi Su-29

Engine M 14 PF (400 hp) – time since new 523 hours and TBO 750. Engine oil tank electric heating installed plus automotive ignition kit.

MTV9 propeller installed 05/18 and so good until 05/24 and time since overall only 34 hours.

All normal equipment including long-range fuel; excellent smoke system; all current SBs and A.D.s performed; manifold oil drain system fitted. Also included are two parachutes and two piece Cambrai canopy and engine cover.

Avionics include Garmin GTR 225 A radio; Trig TT31 mode S transponder; PS 1200 intercom; Dynon D1 removable attitude indicator; Aera 600 GPS.

Currently based in Holland where it is available for inspection. Asking price Euro 156,000+ VAT if sold in Europe to a non-VAT registered purchaser.


Probably the best SU-31 single seater available in the world

The Sukhoi 31 was the final single-seater that the factory made with an all-composite airframe, and only 32 aircraft manufactured. The aircraft has been extensively overhauled to new condition by its fastidious owner.

Serial number 03 – 02; 710 hours total time from new; M 14 PF (400 hp) engine with less than 50 hours since total overhaul. The entire aircraft was overhauled in 2018, including a new 12 year Sukhoi lifetime and special 2.9 m MT three-blade propeller; all new flexible hoses. Incredibly high specification, including propeller accumulator; lightweight alternator; Cleveland brakes; undercarriage extensions; new 8.33 radio and new transponder; rear luggage box and removable front “suitcase”; smoke system.









Also including a variety of spare parts; tools; manual; jacks.

Currently on Lithuanian register with Permit to Fly.

Asking price Euro 205,000 excluding EU VAT. Also a spare zero-timed 445 hp engine available separately.

A lovely single-seat Sukhoi *SOLD*


An exceptional Sukhoi 26M that we sold when brand-new from the Sukhoi factory to Italy and then subsequently to two other owners, so we have known it throughout its life.

Serial number 03 – 05; total time since factory new 440 hours; M 14 PF engine (400 hp) 100 hours from new. Latest MTV-9 propeller with – 29 blades. Propeller overhauled 2016. Hoses renewed 2015 (10 year life). Registered with EASA in Hungary as HA- NST.

The 26M is arguably the best single-seater Sukhoi since it is lighter than either the MX version with integral wing tanks or the later SU 31. However, for some, only having the fuselage tank of 65 L can be restrictive, but this one was fitted when new with an additional 40 L fuselage tank to give 105 L of internal fuel and of course the 125 L detachable belly tank with quickly detachable fittings. In addition the fuel system has been greatly improved with a cockpit control giving the pilot the ability to choose between each of the fuel tanks.

Garmin 250 XL and GTX 320 transponder.



Importantly, EASA has given “restricted certification” to a small number of Sukhois, of which this is one, which enables it to continue to fly indefinitely within Europe. Because these numbers are small, there’s no doubt that both aircraft with EASA certification will increase in value.





Please note that the aircraft currently requires renewal of its six year “lifetime extension”, and this is included in the asking price of €150,000 (no VAT applicable). However the lifetime extension is only required within Europe, and so if exported outside Europe, the price would be reduced accordingly.


Asking price €150,000 (no VAT), to include a new six year lifetime extension.

Probably the best performing Sukhoi in the World *SOLD*


Very light – when empty only 690kg; Barrett engine with 450hp; 280cm MT propeller so over 1:1 power to weight.


Time since new 328 hours and only 58 hours since total overhaul to new condition. Engine 58 hours since zero-time overhaul, propeller 58 hours since new.





Spanish registration EC-MKU and EASA permit to August 2019. Including belly tank and all manuals.




If you want a single-seat Sukhoi, this is the best in the World!