Sukhoi & Yak - The world's best sporting aircraft

As world leaders in Russian aircraft and engines, we offer a wide range of aircraft products and services.  The principal of these are:

  • We sell second-hand Sukhoi aircraft. Occasionally, these include fully factory remanufactured aircraft - the equivalent of new ones in every respect.

  • We are the undoubted world leaders in Yak-18T aircraft, having now sold 34 of these aircraft to many countries, including most European countries; Australia; South Africa; USA.  In particular we have developed a wide range of modifications, which genuinely transform an already extremely versatile and capable aircraft into the one of quite extraordinary performance.  

  • We sell all other Russian aircraft, including Yak-12; Yak-18A; Yak-50; Yak-52; Yak-54; Yak-55.

  • We also overhaul, though our Partner, Aerometal in Hungary, all types of AI-14 and M14P families of aero engines.

  • We developed the more powerful M14PF (400hp) engine, as well as the M14R (450hp).


The Sukhoi range of aerobatic aircraft was originally designed before the break-up of the Soviet Union and was designed absolutely without regard to cost. This means that their technology is significantly ahead of any Western competitor, as for example :

  • Hot cured carbon-fibre main spars, for no heat sensitivity (i.e. you can paint the aircraft any colour) as well as a kevlar outer covering.
  • Titanium rather than steel in areas such as exhaust; battery box; firewall; undercarriage; wing-ribs, etc.
  • Forged magnesium for control linkages, whereas Western competitors tend to use welded steel, etc.
  • The use of the superb Vedeneyev nine cylinder geared, supercharged engine - the most powerful aerobatic engine in the world.

Certainly the Sukhois are the most successful of the world's aerobatic aircraft and, in terms of quality of construction, pleasure of flying, as well as incredible value, there really is no competition.


We were offering two of the best know Sukhois in the World, which have, until now, been sponsored by Red Bull, flying as the Matadors and piloted by the well known duo of Paul Bonhomme (multiple Red Bull racing World Champion) and Steve Jones.

The aircraft have been owned by Paul and Steve for many years, and they have established a reputation as the leading 2-aircraft airshow team, performing stunning displays in various parts of the world.   That of Steve's has been sold (to Russia) but Paul's is available.

G-IIIZ – Su-26M  


  • Total 740 hours

  • Lifetime extension (only necessary within Europe) completed in 2011, so valid for 6 years)

  • On a UK EASA Permit to Fly (so valid throughout Europe), currently being renewed and will be sold with a new Permit.


  • M14PF (400hp) time since new 334 hours


  • MTV-9-260 overhauled October 2013

Flexible Hoses:

  • Good to 2015

Extras include

  • Long-range belly tank with quick release

  • Smoke system

  • Baggage box

  • Sukhoi parachute

Ground equipment includes:

  • Tools in original box

  • Full set of covers

  • Complete shipping jig to transport aircraft etc (see photo below)


  • VHF and Mode C transponder

Both Paul and Steve are British Airways Captains, and these aircraft have been impeccably maintained to the highest standard and totally regardless of cost during their ownership.

They are offered for sale as a pair, but of course could be sold separately.

Single seat Sukhois re increasingly sought after, and here are two of the nicest planes that are likely to be found.  

Price: Euro 99,000  (not including European VAT)


The Super Sukhoi Su-26 -  Gold Medal Winner 2007 World Aerobatic Championships - The best performing Sukhoi in the World.

Restored, under our supervision as a new aircraft, with the very best modifications. Only 24 hours since total restoration!

Incredible specification includes:

  • 435hp M9F engine – 50 hours from factory new.

  • MTV-9-260 wide chord propeller – 50 hours from factory new.

  • Large oil cooler.

  • Su-31 wide chord rudder and fin.

  • Lightweight electrical system.

  • Halon fire-suppression system.

  • Additional 40-litre fuselage tank (easily convertible to smoke). 

  • Smoke system.

  • 215-litre belly tank (with quick release fittings) Total fuel capacity 320 litres – (good for five hours plus).

  • Cold air induction.

  • Lightweight Perspex luggage box.

  • Lightweight avionics – VHF / Transponder / Mode C.

  • Outstanding paintwork.

  • Single fuel control.

  • Cockpit water-drain.

  • Manifold oil-drain

This aircraft won the Gold Medal in the Freestyle sequence (the most demanding on both aircraft and pilot) of the World Aerobatic Championships in Spain 2007, despite very little practice time. 

There is no better performing Sukhoi anywhere!   Only available to change in Owners plans. 

Euro 190,000  (Excluding European VAT)  

Priced at considerably less than a replica would cost    


Total time since new 510 hours; time since total airframe overhaul 21 hours; engine M14P –360hp – total time since factory new 217 hours; propeller – MTV-9 – 250.   Zero time since overhaul

The entire airframe was disassembled and overhauled only 21 hours ago.   All items overhauled or checked.

Superb paintwork and cosmetics throughout.   Equipment includes:

  • Russian VHF radio (and one spare radio)

  • Terra transponder and Mode C

  • Western brakes

  • Lightweight electrical system

  • Wheel covers

  • New Hooker harness

  • Fuel gauges

  • Smoke system

  • External belly tank, with quick release

  • Parachute

  • Complete set of tools

  • Set of airframe jacks

Price $140,000 in USA  (today Euro 87,000)

Aircraft currently based in the USAWe can make all arrangements for shipping and Certification in other countries

Other 29s - we are hopeful to conclude a contract to purchase six ex-military Su-29s .  They are typically higher-time than most civilian Sukhois, but immaculately maintained to military standards.


Serial number 79–05, so built towards the end of 29 production.  Total airframe time 535 hours, but it had total airframe overhaul together with lifetime extension 60 hours ago.

Engine is 400 hp "PF" with 370 hours total time since new (so it has never been overhauled).

Propeller is MTV-9, with the larger 260 cm blades; 40 hours since overhaul which has done three years ago.

Extras include long-range fuel; smoke system; Hooker harnesses in both cockpits; Cleveland wheels and brakes; King transponder and GPS/COMM; fuel computer and digital EGT/CHT system.

Aircraft is in South Africa, where it has been maintained to the highest standards by the local Sukhoi expert. Overall condition, both mechanically and cosmetically is superb.

Asking price US $199,000 (C. EURO 146,000)  Dismantling and packing for overseas shipping can easily be arranged.


Serial No: 77–05

The Sukhoi 29 is one of the world's most charismatic aerobatic aircraft, capable of doing well at a World Aerobatic Championship, yet also providing safe and marvellous fun for a weekend pilot.  Importantly this aircraft has EASA European certification and since EASA in their wisdom has decided that they will be no further Sukhois on European registers, the value of those aircraft already in Europe is bound to increase. We sold this aircraft to its first owner, and then subsequently twice, so we know it well, and can confirm that it has been impeccably maintained throughout its life.

Currently on Hungarian register as HA-YAS, but can be easily transferred to any other European register. Total time since factory new 638.34 hours, and it will be sold with a new lifetime extension, valid for six years or 600 hours.  Engine is M14PF (400 hp) with only 237.51 hours since new. MTV-9 three – blade propeller overhauled late 2010.

It has long-range fuel (up to 1200 km); factory smoke system; VHF;

KT–76 transponder. Also, two parachutes; a complete set of tools; all original logbooks; canopy cover and some spare parts.

Maintenance has been done by the leading European Sukhoi specialists, and the overall condition is excellent.

With the restriction on more Sukhois in Europe, this is an exceptional opportunity to buy one of the nicest aircraft that could be available, and, we believe it will be an excellent investment for the future.

Euro 155,000, including European VAT



Sold by us to its first of two owners when factory new, and then subsequently to its current owner in France.

  The Su-31 has proven itself as the best aerobatic plane available; it is a delight to fly; designed and built to the highest standards, regardless of cost; capable of winning a World Championship as well as  being great fun for a weekend pilot  AND increasing in value.

  • Total time from new 700 hours

  • Engine – M14PF (400hp),  160 hours since overhaul

  • MTV-9-260 propeller – overhauled in 2009

Equipment includes:

  • VHF, Transponder (Mode C)

  • Blue Mountain, with integral GPS and Horizon

  • Smoke

  • Long range wing tanks, with extra transfer pumps

  • Oil system modification

  Maintained to the highest standards by a recognised Sukhoi expert  

Currently on the Russian register, but could be changed to EASA registration  if required, and available for inspection in France.

Asking price Euro 180,000, including European Sales Tax or Euro 200,000 with 400hp Barrett Precision Engines M14PF Engine – Zero-time since overhaul  SOLD TO RUSSIA


Yakovlev was the leading light aircraft designer in Soviet times, producing a range of superb aircraft, all with the heritage of Second World War Yak-3's and -9's - considered by many to be the best fighters of the war.

Current stock is as follows:

YAK-3U “Czech Ride"

A quite exceptional opportunity to buy a superb "warbird" that has fantastic performance; relatively simple maintenance;  dual controls and is a real attraction at airshows.

The Yak-3 was probably the best fighter of WWII, being small, extremely manoeuvrable and powerful.  Towards the end of the war, German pilots, even in the latest Me-109 and FW-190, were instructed not to engage with the Yak-3!   Whereas most of the Yak-3 variants used the Klimov in-line engine, late in the war the decision was made to produce a very high-performance version with the ASh-82 radial engine. The aeroplane was a great success, with very enhanced performance – 440 mph, and a climb to 16,000 feet in 3.9 minutes! But in the end, it was simply too late, and production was never begun.  However the airframe was used to make the two-seat Yak-11, and this aircraft is an 11, but returned to 3U specification with a P&W 2000 engine of 1450 hp, and the great advantage of easy maintenance.

Total time since new on the airframe is 2432 hours, and total time since major overhaul of the engine is 432 hours (of 1200 TBO). The Hamilton Standard prop was last overhauled in November 2009, and has done less than 20 hours since overhaul.

Performance is quite exceptional due to a light airframe and considerable power, and of course the fantastic handling for which the Yak-3 is renowned.

The aircraft is well equipped with full flying control for the 2nd cockpit but not engine control or full instrumentation; smoke; Garmin GNS 530; oxygen. With 155 US gallons in five internal tanks, it has excellent range – and indeed was ferried to Europe across the Atlantic.  All systems have been converted to hydraulic as in the North American T 28, and so spares and maintenance are relatively simple.

The aircraft is currently based in France with French "collection" certification, valid to 2016, and it is fully European VAT paid.

There is probably no other equivalent aircraft that is so easy to operate and maintain; with such performance, and at a relatively modest price – we are asking Euro 450,000.

Yak-7B Project

An extremely exciting ‘warbird’ opportunity that is already well advanced and which will produce one of the most desirable and rarest World War II fighters in the world.



This is a TOTAL restoration being done to the highest possible standards of an original Yak-7B. It is NOT a ‘new production’ aircraft (fine though they might be), but a restoration of a Russian Air Force Yak-7B, which crashed in 1943.  The aircraft’s history is known, and although clearly damaged the condition is reasonable.  In addition we have a complete second aircraft, and two further Klimov engines. 

The original aircraft serial no 33153120 was a ‘high-back’ 7B and it is being restored as such.  From the point of view of historical accuracy we would prefer that the aircraft continues as a high-back, but clearly a purchaser would have the opportunity to change it to ‘low-back’ 7B if preferred.

For information line drawings of both types are shown below:

                                    High Back:                                                                                       Low Back:

Currently the entire fuselage has been completed and most of the tail-plane.  Clearly significant amounts of work remain, but we feel a 5-year programme from the date of purchase is realistic.  This obviously includes the total restoration of an M105 Klimov engine and propeller.

We would ask for a deposit and then stage payments on a formally agreed basis.  We would be delighted to discuss all aspects of this project with all seriously interested parties.  


We are offering for sale probably the best Yak-9 fighter in the world. It is a late-production aircraft from Orenburg with very low times on everything and excellent equipment.  It is based and registered in Europe and is European sales-tax paid.  Please contact us for details.                             


Now one of the rarest of all Yaks, and particularly desirable since, although an earlier aeroplane than the 52, has a number of advantages including: considerably lower weight particularly when all the radio equipment is removed; cleaner and therefore faster; less emphasis on out and out 'inverted' aerobatics and therefore more pleasant to fly in less serious flying. Performance with the 260hp engine is very much the same as a 52 with a 360hp and with the 360hp the 18A is considerably enhanced. With the wisdom of the Soviet Union planners, the vast majority of 18As were melted down and very few are left. This one is currently undergoing a TOTAL restoration to 'as-new' condition - every component has been disassembled, inspected etc - a full range of photographs are available. Euro 65,000 (and will doubtless be worth much more in the future!), following total restoration, but in standard specification and excluding any ‘extras’.  (European VAT/sales tax not included.)





The 18A was the predecessor of the Yak 52, and in a number of ways a better aircraft. It is significantly lighter; a little cleaner, so although it only has 260hp, the performance is very similar. By virtue of the Soviet mentality of melting down all redundant aircraft, the 18A is now rare and rather sought after.

This aircraft had a total restoration to 0-hour condition approximately 6 years ago and has only flown 50 hours since then. Engine has done 130 hours since total overhaul, so approximately 470 hours to go. The propeller operates "on condition" with an annual check. 

The over all condition is absolutely excellent, and the aircraft is in standard specification, although he flight data recorder and NDB have been removed for lightness. There are no avionics.

It is based in Lithuania and currently has a Lithuanian restricted Certificate of Airworthiness. However, it would be easy to transfer to most European countries or it could be kept on the Lithuanian register.

Euro 69,000 including European VAT    




With approaching 80 Yak-18Ts flying in the West, the extraordinary qualities of this very versatile aircraft are now fully understood.  There really is no comparable aircraft in terms of carrying capacity; short field performance; aerobatic ability; ruggedness and, of course, charisma.

This aircraft was restored by us for a customer who wanted a very high- performance and high-specification 18T, restored to ‘as new’ condition.  Having sold far more 18Ts than anyone in the world, we feel that we are well able to say that it must be one of the best anywhere. 

It has less than 170 hours since TOTAL restoration; 400hp; 3-blade propeller; long-range fuel; luxurious leather interior; excellent avionics. 

Detailed specification and extras:

  • Less than 170 hours since total restoration to perfect standard. This has included a complete overhaul of every mechanical component; incorporation of all Service Bulletins. 

  • M14PF (400hp) engine, 130 hours since factory overhaul; MTV-9-250-29 propeller:  130 hours since new and ‘0’ time since onverhau (this is the latest wide-chord blades) and combined with the 400hp engine gives extraordinary performance.

  • Hours above are approximate, and accurate figures, probably lower, will be provided. 

  • Additional 85 litre tanks in each wing.  This gives a total of 350 litres – sufficient for 5 hours plus reserve.

  • IFR panel.

  • Full leather interior throughout with high quality carpets; Hooker harnesses for all seats

  • Strobes

  • Improved door sealing

  • Adjustable seats

  • Pneumatic door struts

  • Manifold oil drain

  • Cambrai covers for engine, cockpit and propeller


Excellent avionics including:

  • Garmin 430 – colour moving map; GPS ; VOR; COM

  • Garmin GMA 340 audio panel

  • Garmin GTX 330 transponder plus Mode C

  • Honeywell KX 125


  • At maximum gross will operate out of 500 metres

  • Rate of climb maximum gross 1500 feet per minute

  • Maximum cruise 162 knots

  • Ceiling 20,000 feet

  • Range 800 miles with reserve


The aircraft has an EASA Certificate of Airworthiness which is valid throughout Europe with no restrictions.   Registration is currently Hungarian but YAZ is currently waiting to obtain UK ‘G’ registration, but still through EASA, so easily transferable to another country.


We are asking Euro 90,000 (today about £76,000) including European VAT.


A “time-warp” Yak-18T, sold by us to its one owner when new in 1994, and then flown by him for just over 1500 hours since.  Impeccably maintained, regardless of expense.


  • Series II aircraft, built 1994

  • Total time since new 1530 hours; 2132 landings

  • Time since total airframe overhaul 625 hours, and 835 landings

  • Total overhaul was done in 2003 at which time original fabric was replaced with Western Ceconite. 

  • Engine 33 hours since total overhaul

  • Prop 156 hours since overhaul and lifed to July 2015

  • Currently on the Hungarian register, but with an EASA Certificate of Airworthiness, allowing it to be easily transferred to any other European country.

  • Aircraft has been maintained from new by Russian Engineering at White Waltham Airfield for its one fastidious owner

  • Almost always hangared since new


  • 130 litre long-range tank

  • Inverted oil and fuel systems

  • Mode C transponder

  • Sukhoi aerobatic harnesses

  • Folding tow bar

  • All original documentation from manufacture

  • All tools

  • TOTAL maintenance history from new

We know this aeroplane very well and it will be a very sad sale for its owner, and is being caused only by the loss of his medical.

Asking Price:  Euro 75,000 including European VAT


Probably the best equipped Yak-18T in the World and now on UK Register

A second series Yak-18T in lovely condition; long-range fuel and quite exceptional avionics, having been used regularly for instrument flying. Now on UK register as G-YAKJ.  Two x 1/6 shares available. 


  • Serial No:  01-33

  • Manufactured 1993

  • Total time since new 1010 hours, and 975 hours since total airframe overhaul. 

  • Engine; M14P 360 hp and only 275 hours since NEW

  • Propeller fitted March 2012 so good for five years.

  • Flexible hoses good until July 2017

  • Fully upholstered in leather to a very high standard

  • Registration G-YAKJ


  • Avionics – probably the best equipped 18T in the World; installed in new panel in 2004.  Equipment includes: 

  • Garmin GNS-530

  • Shadin ADC-200 fuel/air data computer

  • HSI coupled to 530

  • Mode S transponder

  • Filser Com 2

  • ADF

  • DME

  • RadAlt

  • Stormscope WX-500 display on 530

  • Terrain database and display on 530

  • Carbon-monoxide detector (electronic air sample type) with warning display lights in front of P1

  • Second P2 Horizon

Sale includes a full set of tools; jacks and manuals and covers (full and cabin only), plus full conversion to type if required.

This aircraft was built for a UK customer and delivered in 1999, and then sold to the current owners in 2003.

Currently operated by a mature and sensible group based at White Waltham, but two  members are looking to sell their shares to two 1/6 shares available for £15,000 each ( including VAT).

Yak-18T Project

Fuselage overhauled and prepared for painting Engine cowling overhauled and ready for painting
Wing ready for long range fuel tank Wing overhauled, fabriced and long-range wing tank installed

We do however have a very interesting project.  This was one of five 18Ts we bought from the National Flight Academy of Kazakhstan a few years ago.  Two have been totally restored and sold; one sold ‘as-was’ to repair a crashed 18T in Australia, and one is waiting for a customer to undergo a total restoration to their specification.

However the last aircraft is mid-way through a restoration programme, but we have decided that with too many aircraft projects all over the world, we would like to sell it at a very attractive price with most of the important work done.

So this is a 3,000 hour (only) from new aircraft, that has all Service Bulletins embodied and has now been completely dismantled for restoration.  Work done thus far includes:

  • All required stripping and cleaning of metalwork on the fuselage.

  • Wings have been totally restored; long-range wing tanks (almost doubling capacity) have been installed; the wings rebuilt and now refabriced with Ceconite

  • The entire tail-section has been overhauled and refabriced.

  • All the undercarriages, including oleos/retraction cylinders etc have been overhauled.

Currently, the offer does not include an engine or a propeller, but of course we can provide zero-timed items to any specification.

We are asking Euro 30,000 for the complete plane (less engine and propeller), but including all the work above.

Given that the wings, now converted, overhauled and refabriced are probably worth Euro 17,000, this is clearly an excellent deal for somebody wanting to build a perfect 18T to the highest specification.  

AVIONICS FOR SALE -  bought for Yak-18T but never used - for full listclick here   


               (Picture of aircraft before current restoration- see below)

Second to last made; currently being totally restored, incorporating all the best modifications.

One of three Yak 50 made for a film, after production had finished. Following a limited amount of flying for the film, and then a long period in storage, this aircraft was sold to a UK private owner, and subsequently to another.

Importantly, it had all Service Bulletins installed during manufacture; unlike all other Yak 50s was never used for aerobatics in Russia, and, indeed, has never been flown hard. However, two years’ ago, it suffered engine failure, but the pilot performed an excellent forced landing, in a field. Inevitably there was some damage to engine cowling; oil cooler (under the engine); one aileron, and obviously abrasion to the bottom fuselage.

We have sent the aircraft to Termikas, in Lithuania, certainly the world authority on these planes, to restore it to as near as possible "new" condition. As a first step, they had the aircraft totally checked by an independent institute, and they have confirmed that there was absolutely no structural damage whatsoever. All paperwork to confirm this is available.

Other details of the aircraft are:

  • Serial number 853105,

  • Manufactured in 1985;

  • Total time from new 297 hours

Having bought the first Yak 50 in the West over 25 years’ ago, and since then having sold half of all Yak-50s that still exist, we have devised a variety of modifications that significantly improve the aircraft. These will be installed, although final items like engine and propeller specification, and of course paintwork can be specified by a purchaser. However, the current specification is as follows:

  • Zero-timed M14PF (400 hp) engine

  • Zero-timed MTV-9 three-blade propeller

  • Long-range wing tanks, with an additional 80L per side, more than doubling existing capacity, and of course outside the fuselage, so not affecting G-loading

  • Lightweight electrical system with 35 amp lightweight alternator, and the deletion of all heavy Russian electrical equipment

  • Extra cockpit ventilation

  • Large luggage box behind pilot seat

  • New instrument panel, incorporating Dynon electronic horizon/DI; miniature Becker VHF; miniature Becker mode S transponder

  • Central filling for both fuselage tanks

  • New Hooker Harness

  • Leather side panels and seats

In addition all other wearing parts like undercarriages; engine mounts; wheels and brakes; control bearings; rudder cables etc will all be replaced or overhauled to new specification. Effectively it will be as near as possible to a "new" Yak 50.

( last two Yak-50s we have restored)

In our view, the Yak 50 is one of the world's finest aircraft. It has an impeccable competition record, having won two World Championships; it looks and flies like a little "fighter"; with this lightweight specification and increased power/superior propeller, is capable of fantastic performance, with a rate of climb in excess of 5000 feet/minute; and with less than 60 left in the world becoming extremely sought after.

Price will depend on specification, and while it will not be cheap, I am confident that this aircraft will represent an exceptional investment for the future.  




Manufactured in 1998 and sold to the current owner.

One of the best 52s anywhere

  • TTSN 510 hours. 

  • TTSH Engine 121:20 400 hp.

  • Propller zero-timed, newly fitted.

  • Long-range wing-tanks (more than doubling range).

  • Every Service Bulletin incorporated during manufacture

  • Many extras, including: full tools; covers; jacks; manuals; tow-bar and original (unopened) spares pack.

  • On UK register as G-YKYK  

  • Permit valid until January 2015

Asking Price:  Euro 62,000  (today £52,500)    Including European VAT  


A low–time 52 with a quite exceptional range of extras and optional equipment.

Manufactured 1991, so all Service Bulletins were incorporated during manufacture. Serial number 9111306.  The aircraft only flew 41 hours before being imported into the UK in 1995, and has been civilian owned since then. Total flight time since new 679 hours. UK lifetime inspection programme completed 2012, valid for 10 years or 1200 hours. Aircraft is currently on UK register and is having an annual inspection and will obtain a new UK Permit to Fly.

  • Engine 492 hours total since new with 750 hours (plus possible extension available) until overhaul.

  • Propeller overhauled March 2013, and only 23 hours since.

  • Flexible hoses will be changed as part of the current annual.

The aircraft has a massive range of modifications and upgrades, including long-range wing tanks – effectively doubling range; wingtips with strobe lights; wing step; luggage compartment; leather interior; oxygen system (the aircraft has been resident in Switzerland so needed the ability to climb over Alps!); Zaon flight system; Garmin SL 30 Nav/Com; VOR/CDI display; PM 501 intercom; Garmin GTX 330 transponder; handheld GPS with mounting bracket; one parachute.

The aircraft has been repainted to a very high standard, but in original Russian DOSSAF colours and looks extremely smart. Price Euro 75,000 including European VAT


An excellent example of this charismatic aircraft with low time on all major components.   Manufactured in 1989, serial number 891 0302. Currently on UK Register G-YAKT

We originally imported this aircraft directly from Russia in 1999, and sold it to its UK owner at that time. He subsequently invited three other experienced pilots to join him as owners, and all maintenance has been done by the excellent West London Russian Engineering company.  By virtue of being UK "G" registered, the required standard of maintenance is extremely high, including a requirement for a very detailed "lifetime extension" program, to be done every 15 years, and this was completed in 2009.

Total time from new is 766 hours; no damage history; all service bulletins, including the most recent of 107 have been incorporated; overhauled M14P engine installed in 2008, which has only done 121 hours since total overhaul; propeller overhauled in 2009, and is only 111 hours since. Flexible hoses (10 year life) were installed in 2010. UK Permit to Fly valid until 26 June 2014.  

Extras include VHF radio; transponder; two parachutes (UK manufactured); full set of tools; covers; all manuals; rear cockpit travel bag, together with all logbooks from manufacture.

Nothing has been spared in terms of maintenance, and the condition of the aircraft is generally excellent. Aircraft can be viewed at White Waltham airfield, near Maidenhead (50 km due West of London).

Asking Price:  Euro 50,000, today £43,000 - including European VAT  

  YAK 52  OY-YAC

Possibly the lowest time Yak 52 in the world!

One of the last civilian Yak 52 (1995) made with extremely low time since new and very low engine time since total overhaul. Serial number 9511904.   A lovely aircraft which has been operated and maintained to an extremely high standard in Denmark.

Total time on airframe since factory new is currently 224 hours; the engine has done 73 hours since total overhaul; propeller has done 24 hours since overhaul in 2010, so good until 2016. The flexible hoses, with a ten-year life are good to 2021. Next annual check due in May 2014. Avionics are a Russian VHF; Garmin 196 GPS and mode C transponder. The aircraft will be sold with a full set of tools; jack's; all manuals; parachutes.

This 52 should not be confused with some high-time and hard-used aircraft that might be available today. If you know of a lower-time 52 anywhere in the world, I would be interested to know about it, purely out of interest! But this is a lovely aeroplane, and in as close to new condition as you would hope to find.

We are asking Euro 59,000, including European VAT, which must represent an exceptional opportunity


The Yak-54 is an outstanding unlimited-level aerobatic aircraft. It is all metal; but to the highest standards and is capable of 90/95% of the performance of the composite Sukhoi Su-29, but at some 60% of the price!  We are offering three immaculate examples that have been operated as a team for the last 3 years and impeccably maintained.  All are relatively low-time and well equipped. 


  All aircraft have the following equipment:

  • Two King KY96A VHF.

  • Garmin GTX327 transponder plus Mode C.

  • PMA 4000 intercom.

  • US Headset sockets.

  • Feet / millibar altimeters.

  The following are the specific hours on the four aircraft:

Serial number 01003

  • Manufactured 1993

  • Total time since new 355


  • M14P (360hp)

  • Time since new 730 hours

  • Time since total overhaul 110 hours


  • MTV-9-250-29

  • Time since new 125 hours

Serial number 04002

  • Manufactured 1998

  • Total time since new 310


  • M14P (360hp)
  • Time since total overhaul 15 hours


  • MTV-9-250-29

  • Time since new 114 hours

Serial number 05002

  •  Manufactured in 1997

  •  Total time since new 455 hours


  • M14PF (400hp)

  • Total time since new 405 hours


  • MTV-9-260-29

  • Total time since new 125 hours  

In Europe the Yak-54 is a Certificated aircraft, having obtained EASA Restricted Certification basis.  Yakovlev recently announced a couple of major SBs (ADs), principally for the ring-mountings but also the tail mountings.  The reasons for this have been some very small cracks developing in extremely hard used Russian Team aircraft and certainly no similar cracks have ever been noticed on western aircraft.

In consequence the SBs have been announced and although aircraft in western use are most unlikely to have new problems, we believe it is prudent to do these modifications.

Fortunately the Yak-54 continues in production at Arsenyev in the Russian Far East and modification kits are available at a cost of approximately US$25,000.  For today the only place in Europe that they can be installed is at Termkias in Lithuania, but we would not rule out the possibility of a good engineering facility elsewhere to do the same thing.

So the aircraft are being offered as they are, at a price from Euro 65,000, BUT the modification could be done on behalf of a purchaser if this were wished.

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The Kraguj (sparrowhawk) is an exceptionally capable light military aircraft designed for close air support and counter-insurgency operations, manufactured by SOKO in Yugoslavia, and capable of providing all the excitement of a much larger "warbird", but at very low purchase and operating costs.

The Kraguj is extremely capable; very light with the simplicity of a fixed undercarriage, but with the powerful GSO – 480 Lycoming, giving 340 horsepower, so quite exceptional performance, coupled with a high rate of climb and great manoeuvrability. Maximum speed is 183 mph; Max Cruise 174 mph, with a low stalling speed of 55 mph, and very STOL performance. Range is 475 NM. In terms of current maintenance, most of the ancillaries, of course including engine and propeller, are of Western origin so relatively easily sourced.

It was in fact last piston-engined fighter to have flown in combat anywhere in the world, but was finally grounded by NATO F-16s in the break-up of Yugoslavia. The majority of the aircraft were dumped at the National Aviation Museum in Belgrade, but a few have been exported. There are currently five flying in Europe, including three in the UK, where as an ex-military aircraft, it is able to get a UK “permit”.

Unlike the others, this aircraft was never stored outside, and currently total airframe time since new is 839 hours, and engine 433 hours since total overhaul, and prop now 309 hours. The aircraft had a major inspection in France, where it is in the French "Collection" certification in 2012.  

It is equipped with dummy .303 machine-guns; rockets and bombs!

This is an aeroplane which will give all the satisfaction of being a genuine "warbird", yet at very reasonable operating costs. Being rare, and also quite spectacular in terms of performance, and, indeed, noise, it will certainly be in significant demand for air shows.

We are asking only Euro 60,000 – very little for such an aircraft. Please contact us for more details.  


A quite exceptional example of this charismatic aircraft, one of about 20 left in the world, and in perfect condition after total restoration.

This aircraft was originally one of 29 that were sold to the Finnish Air Force, where it remained in service until 1962. It had an initial restoration between 1970 and 1982, and was then operated by a private owner in Germany until 2010, when acquired by its current owner who embarked on an absolutely “no expense spared” overhaul.

This was done by the Bitz company, probably the leading restorer of such aircraft in the world and the entire aircraft was restored to new condition. Every aspect of the overhaul is covered by photographs and documentation. On detailed examination, the engine, which had done 224 hours since overhaul, was found to be in perfect condition.

The current owner, who has a number of aircraft, has only flown a total of 10 hours since this complete overhaul, and while the condition is still perfect, has decided to sell. The Stieglitz is a delightful aircraft to fly, and with 160 hp is an excellent performer, and a delightful platform for gentle aerobatics.

Given its rarity, a Stieglitz is as sure an investment as any aircraft. We are asking Euro 220,000, including European VAT.

L-39 Albatross Jet

We have sold a number of L-39 Albatross jets.  We obtained these from the State Selling organisation of the Ukraine Government and are aircraft that the Russians left at the various training bases that the Soviet Air Force had established in the Ukraine in the Soviet era.

The method of our purchases is that we are told when new batches come up for disposal, and we then inspect them and choose one or two (sometimes none) aircraft we think are in good condition.  At a stage we sell them, a representative goes to give them a detailed check, which includes engine runs; checking fuel tanks; retraction tests; cockpit pressurization etc etc. However the aircraft are not flown; have original old tyres; will need new flexible hoses etc etc. 

So we make a point of having an aircraft with no total times; usually 500/700 hours since total overhaul and engines normally with at least 500 hours to go.

However we emphasise that there is considerable amount of work to be done to have a safe aircraft; with western avionics; new paint etc etc, safely flying in the west.

All prices are less taxes where applicable but are 'fly away' UK and all aircraft are guaranteed and fully supported by our spares and service programme.

Vedeneyev engines.

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