About RGA

We imported the first Russian aircraft to the West in 1987 and have now sold more Russian aircraft, well over 450, plus more than 400 engines, to more people in more countries than anyone else.

Richard in 1984 at the Philips World Aerobatic Challenge. Left to right back row: Victor Smolin, Kermit Weeks, Geoff Selvey, Henry Haigh, Gordon Price. Left to right front row: Eric Mueller, Sergio Dallan, Richard Goode, Frank Fry

With 44 years of experience of flying, competing in the World Aerobatic Championships in the British team (1978 – 84) and having performed over 1600 public aerobatic displays,  Richard Goode and RGA offer an unequalled level of knowledge, access and service to those who fly and own Russian aircraft and the engines that power them.

Our business began in 1987 selling new Sukhoi aircraft, having bought the first one sold to the West. This led to us buying other Russian aircraft; both new and used and exporting them from Russia. In addition we put the 18 T aircraft back into production at the Smolensk factory; with an American partner we instituted the production of new Yak 3 and 9 fighters in Orenburg; we helped Vedenyeev to develop the M 14 PF engines. We established a spare parts and maintenance business at White Waltham airfield in the UK.

However, over the years, our business has inevitably changed, and while we do all we can to help owners of these aircraft with any issues they might have, our principal business today is with our partner, Aerometal, in the overhaul and production of M 14 and AI 14 families of engines. A lot more detail of this work is elsewhere on this website.